Well this is me at work... ;)

Personal Interests

I enjoy Little League Baseball, fishing, hunting, computing, and spending time with LaFamilia.

Little League Baseball: I'm a Volunteer Umpire, been doing it for going on 23 years. I have called games in Texas Little League State Tournament, Southern Region in St. Petersburg FL. and 1999 Umpire in the Little League World Series Tournament. I am also one of Texas Umpire instructors.

Fishing: Just to get out and get a line wet is fun and sometime I even catch fish. Good way to pass the time, and leave your worries behind.

Hunting: I'm into bow hunting now. If you haven't done it yet you need to try it. A great challenge! Being out door with mother nature is real treat. You don't have to take game all the time, lots of time I just watch. Got a video cam to tape them this coming year.

Computing: Come visit me on mIRC my nick is \Browser you can find me on #BBRB channel. Come by and chat.....:)You also can find me on ICQ #2276424 add me to you list ......:)

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